Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Crazy Blue Kitty

I have been busy stitching the last few days but nothing much to show you at the moment. My hand stitching project this week is secret project one (secret in the fact that I don't want to show it here until it's been sent and received in case I spoil a surprise), but here is a sneaky peek As I haven't had much stitchy on here in the last few posts I thought I'd show you the failed CyberFyber postcard I mentioned the other day. I had planned to use one of the pieces of Timtex that I dyed back here. Immediately after it had dried I spotted an unintended shape in the dye and the idea for 'The Crazy Blue Kitty' was born.
I had intended to add some grass and maybe a couple of flowers but something just didn't seem right and when I measured the piece I discovered that its a quarter inch smaller than it should be. So I've given up on this one, though he is kinda cute so I'm sure I will find a way to use him somewhere else. Now for CyberFyber I will paint another piece and go for an Inksplat card similar to these and this.

Just before I sign off I want to thank everyone who left comments or emailed such nice things about Mark's frog photos he was really pleased to get such positive feedback. I thought I'd share a picture of the daft things that he puts himself through to get his shots.
Hmmm lying on the cold muddy March ground probably not everyone's idea of fun, I bet you can't guess which muggins ends up with the laundry to do?!


Donna said...

Have you thought of adding a 1/4 border along one side, joining the two pieces of timtex with some stitching (covered up with a yarn or fabric embellishment if you wanted... It works well if I cut the fabric too small, though with timtex it might take a backing of a piece of timtex the right size to keep it from bending at the joint where you don't want... Just an idea to rescue that cute kitty :-)

Terri Stegmiller said...

Love your crazy blue kitty.

Carol said...

Oh my word Angela, I was gobsmacked this morning to find your parcel. Talk about knocked over. Firstly i am not extreamely mad with you AT ALL. If you remember back then you had amily committments and then i knew you were on catch up mode and then i clean plum forgot about it. I am as i say knocked out by it I love the seeding and the whole thing is just more than I can say. The treasures you sent are just that and are my favourite colours. Thanks sooo so much. I am so greatful and what a wonderful end to my holiday week.