Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines! Well DH and I don't really celebrate never have done but I was out and about in Bath this morning and couldn't resist getting him these delicious chocolates,
I think he might be shocked when he received his first valentine gift in 13 years! Mind you they are looking very tempting sat in the box looking at me so by the time I go get him from work tonight they might just read 'I love Yo'

Anyway enough of the silliness, How did I do with my to do list yesterday?
  • Do some more tea dyeing - yes I got this done and after a murky start to the morning the sun came out long enough for me to dry my fabric on the line.
  • Paint some TimTex - This is done too, if you take a look you can see it pegged on the line next to the tea dye.
  • Make a start on BQL bag - I've progressed on this too, but another mini disaster has struck. After I started cutting the pieces I realised that I don't have enough of the main fabric for the handles. I tried to find a match at the LQS this morning but they don't have the fabric anymore, having already changed my mind on the fabric choice for this one once I really didn't want to start over for a third time. I purchased a close (ish) match of fabric so the handles will now be slightly different to the main.
  • Make a start on Time postcards - These are done too. with the help of my tea dyed scrim, these rubber stamps from Paper Artsy and this wonderful thread gifted to me in a parcel of goodies I received from Kate on Tuesday.
Here is one of the finished cards.
All in all a pretty good days work.
I decided no to set myself a goal list last night as I knew that I wanted to head into Bath to shop for some fabric and visit this exhibition.

I really enjoyed the exhibition a wonderful mix of quilts, paintings, glasswork and mosaic. I'm not usually a big fan of Kaffe Fassett but he had a couple of really lovely quilts on display and the work of the other two artists was wonderful. I'm not one of these girls that goes crazy for shoes but recently I've seen a few shoe based artworks that I have loved and I really fell for the mosaic shoes in this exhibition.

As we are already half way through the day today I'm only going to set myself a couple of To Dos,

  • Work on BQL bag
  • Start Daisies postcards.


Kate North said...

I did my handles in a contrasting fabric (the same fabric I used for the lining and the hearts). And not because I ran out, I just wanted the contrast. I don't think it will ruin the bag for you :)

Vi said...

LOL I'm sure Mark would still be happy with "I love Yo" hehe. Great going with your to do list. :-)