Monday, February 25, 2008

I hate work

Yuck here we are at the end of another Monday. I hate real life I want to roll back the clock a couple of weeks to my wonderful week off full of walking and stitching why can't every week be like that? Work was so depressing today I just couldn't control myself and went and booked another week off. I have to wait until the end of April but that's not so far away right just 9 little weeks the countdown begins here :-)

So it's that time of the week that I have to 'fess up on how I did with my to do list.
  • Finish Something Beginning with K cards - Check. See yesterdays post
  • Make a good start on TIF - A start has been made but not a particularly good one I will have my work cut out to get this one finished by the end of the week. Pictures soon.
  • Add another kitty - Check. And here is the evidence.
    I managed to stitch this new kitty in totally the wrong colour greys. The pattern you have to work from is very small and some of the symbols are very similar, but I'm not worried I have plenty of floss and he looks just fine.

I have quite a few things that I would like to work on this coming week but I know that TIF has to be my priority. Here is my list....

  • Finish TIF project
  • Add another kitty
  • Start Something Beginning with L cards
  • Work on secret project one
  • Make postcard for CyberFyber
  • Cut some fabric for the March BQL challenge bag (as I managed to finish my Feb bag early I've been able to take a sneaky peek at the next bag and have been given some of the fabric requirements to start preparing)

So I know this list is probably a bit ambitious but I am starting to learn that the fewer things I have on the list the less I seem to get done. If I have more I always seem to work that little bit harder and waste less time trying to achieve as many as I can.

I also want to make it my goal to blog more this week. When I'm at work I seem to settle into this pattern of posting on Monday and at weekends. I know I won't have a finished project to blog about each day but I'm sure I'll find somethings to waffle about.

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StegArt said...

Wow, that's a lot of kitties.