Friday, February 15, 2008

Cyber Fyber

I have been reading about the wonder Cyber Fyber exhibition being put together by Susan Lenz on other people's blogs. As you know postcard making has been almost like an obsession for me this last couple of years so I just couldn't resist any longer and decided to jump in and join the fun. You can read all about the exhibition here.

There are still many lovely postcards up for trade and Susan is still looking for Textile Artists across the world to trade with. You can see all of the beautiful postcards for trade here. If you scroll down the page I have chosen postcard number 94. The colours are very me, right?
If you like to work with ATCs there are also many wonderful ATC's up for trade too, check them out here.
Be warned there are still so many wonderful artworks available if you visit the site you will NOT be able to resist trading for one! Go on take a look ......

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Cyber Fyber said...

Thanks so very, very much for blogging about CYBER FYBER! I'm thrilled to be trading with you! Thanks for everything!