Saturday, February 09, 2008

A Beautiful day

No stitching pictures....yet. But today is the first day of 11 whole days without work so I have a big To Do List planned for this coming week.

Today is a gloriuos spring sunny day here so I couldn't resist getting out and about this morning to enjoy the blue skies and warm air.
There was some early morning frost still on the ground when I started out, I loved the way it glistened in the sun like hundreds of mini jewels. Sadly my little compact camera didn't really capture the scene very well. The housing estate that I live on is at the very edge of town just a field away from a beautiful walk past fields and the ruins of an old canalway. This is the view back to the edge of the estate across the field. Look at that blue sky can you believe that it's only just Feb and we are being treated to beautiful weather like this?! One of my favourite ways to spend my time out walking is tree gazing, again I'm just wowed by the beautiful blue. If it wasn't for the bare branches you could almost believe it was summer.And what is a spring walk without some snowdrops in the sun.

There were plenty of birds around finches, tits, herons and even a woodpecker were out to be seen today, I just can't get anywhere near close enough to get pictures of them but I might steal some from DH to share with you later....

Whatever you are doing today I hope you are experiencing as much joy as I did on my morning walk.

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Vi said...

What a lovely place to live. :-)Great photo's.