Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something Beginning with J and other things ....

I didn't get round to posting last night as I was just too busy stitching and being generally too lazy to drag myself to the computer :)

I had a fun few hours with the Great Western Embroiderers yesterday. Maggie spent some time showing us how embellisher machines work and I got my first try on one, what fun. This is what I started before I was wrestled off the machine by another member, a good thing too or else I could have stayed playing all day.
It's just fascinating how everything gets joined together without thread, and how the fabrics scrunch and distort as they get melded together. Anna also bought along her needle punch for hand embellishing I must find the one I bought not so long ago and have another play with that too.

As far as my To Do List for yesterday goes I did pretty well.

  • Work on my something Beginning with J cards. - Not only did I work on them but they are finished

I decided to use the cross stitched piece I made at the last GWE meeting to form the basis of my idea for this one and yesterday evening stitched two more pieces like the one I had already done to complete the swap. What is the J here you might be asking. Well J is for Just. Just handstitching was used to complete the top design for this card, just one stitch was used - cross stitch and just one thread Anchor Perle 1375.

  • Finish the new kitty on the cross stitch - A tick in this box too.First I thought it would be fun to have a quick reminder of what this looked like when I rescued it from the UFO pile in December.As of yesterday evening this is what the overall now looks like, what a difference.And of course a close up of the new arrival.
  • Pick new fabrics for the BQL challenge bag
As I said on Monday I had originally picked some fabrics with the idea that I would be making this bag for me, but as I started cutting I just realised that it's not really a 'me' bag. I do have a friend in the US, who to my shame I have neglected to contact for a while, anyway she is a pink lady and loves hearts so this bag will be a surprise for her.
  • Tea dye some scrim - I did a little of this last night but it hasn't come out quite as I hoped so will try some more today and see what results I get.

As for today well I was planning a trip to Bath, I still have some credit to spent in the LQS but it's misty and murky out there this morning and I'm feeling lazy so will stay in today. My goals are;

  • More Tea Dyeing
  • Start making up the Feb bag
  • Start work on 'Time' postcards
  • Paint some pieces of TimTex

Maybe the fog will clear later and I can get out for a walk but if not I will cheer myself up by sharing a reminder from the sunny walk that I enjoyed on Monday.

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Unknown said...

I love the J postcard Angela! I do lots of 'just' stuff but nothing quite as lovely!!