Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sometimes I am such an Airhead .......

After yesterdays teaser I was planning on sharing my January TIF doll today, but silly me managed to delete all the pictures I took without saving them anywhere and now daylight is gone and I can't get any good ones so now that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Instead I will switch planned posts around and have my to do list update today rather than tomorrow.

Last Weeks list.
  • Post picks of TIF doll - Coming tomorrow I promise
  • Start Planning for Feb TIF challenge - Yes I have made a start but will do one big TIF post tomorrow.
  • Pick fabrics for Feb BQL bag - This is done pictures later in the week.
  • Finish Shaker postcards - Totally failed on this one
  • Add another Kitty to the cross stitch - Done. See below for the proof :)
    As I have the whole week off and more time for stitching I am going to have a daily to do list this week rather than goals for the whole week. Here are my aims for tomorrow.
  • Finish Shaker postcards
  • Start work on Feb BQL bag
  • Start next kitty on the cross stitch

That little lot should be more than enough to keep me going for the day.

On a non stitchy note, we had another beautiful day here today and have a big chunk of it out walking, we tackled a 6 mile walk around a couple of local villages and the fields in between. Being the super unfit beast that I am my legs are now killing no doubt I will be as stiff as a board tomorrow.

The skies were a beautiful blue with a few wispy clouds. I see an elephant shooting water from it's trunk what do you see? (click on pics for larger image).We crossed over pretty stiles at the edges of fields and woodland paths.
And discovered long abandoned icons from an earlier age. And I spent time indulging in one of my favourite outdoor pursuits, photographing the photographer.

The way back to the car wasn't quite as idyllic. My boots were made for walking not wading through the mud....... I guess I need to add boot cleaning to my To Do list for tomorrow ;)


Donna said...

that stile picture is so comforting... around here in central Canada there's no walking paths through private land, over the fields... one is left to the ditches along the side of the road. :-(

Helen in the UK said...

I can see the elephant too!! Have a fun week off stitching and stitching some more. I've just started my BQL bag too :)