Monday, February 18, 2008

Domestic Goddesses look away now .....

Today was the first day back at work, ick. Nevermind I got through it and the countdown to the weekend has started :-)

I have to admit to total failure when it comes to my last to do list I really have been procrastinating these last few days. Apart from finishing the bag the only other thing that I managed to tick on the list was getting the next kitty on the cross stitch started.
So my to do list for this week (yes now I'm back at work it will have to be weekly rather than daily, daily was so much more fun, hopefully it will be my turn to win the lotto soon!).
  • Finish next kitty
  • Make a good start on Feb TIF (not many days left and I haven't even started yet)
  • Finish Something Beginning with K cards

I don't have a crafty picture to share but as I don't like posting without a picture here is one I thought I'd share with you. Domestic Goddesses look away now.With all the stitching that was going on last week the housework got neglected. This is what happens if you leave the dregs of some cherryade, and some orange squash sitting in the glasses too long, but I loved how the colours merged when I was tipping the evidence down the sink. See art inspiration can be found in the least expected places (or maybe I'm just plain crazy and am the only one who sees something other than sugary liquid and mould!)

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StegArt said...

Good luck with the lotto. My hubby wants me to win soon so he can retire too. Funny thing...I don't play so it'd be a tad hard to win.