Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Family Time

It feels like ages since I last blogged, though in reality I guess it's only been a few days. I spent a busy but happy weekend visiting my family in Hertfordshire, and my Nan seemed pleased with the bag that I made so that was great.

I have been working on a few different things and have even managed to finish a couple but I will have to hold of showing you everything today as it's getting late and after a long day at work I can feel my eyelids drooping!

Something quick to share is the progress on the Kitty Cross Stitch UFO. I'm thinking that now I'm regularly working on it I should be calling it a WISP rather than a UFO maybe (?). As is now tradition first a shot of the overall.........

And finishing with a close-up of the new kitty. You might have also spotted the next kitty is in progress. I got a little more of this done this week as it was something easy to take with me to work on at the weekend. There are 9 more kitties to add so if I can continue at the rate of one a week I should have this piece done by April.

Weekly To Do List

So before I sign off time for a quick update on my achievements this past week and to set myself some goals for the coming week....

Last weeks list.

  • Finish Jan TIF challenge - Almost there just one more thing to do to finally finish, hopefully pictures in a couple of days
  • Finish BQL bag - Done, yay a tick in the box for me.
  • Start Shaker postcards - Backgrounds cut and fabrics picked
  • Start Something Beginning with J postcards - Fabrics picked but no actual work done yet
  • Add another kitty - Another tick in the box.

This week I'm going to probably take it easy. I have a whole week off work next week and plan to stitch until my fingers go numb :) But I still have a couple of things in mind for this week.

  • Post finished pictures of Jan TIF Challenge
  • Start planning project for the Feb Challenge
  • Pick fabrics for Feb BQL bag
  • Add another kitty to the cross stitch
  • Finish Shaker postcards.

Ok so maybe that isn't such a short list after all but hey if I aim high I'm more likely to get at least a couple of these ticked off the list.


Kate North said...

That cross-stitch is really coming along - haven't made much progress on mine lately, as I got sidetracked by binding some quilts - but I've finished 3.5 out of 4, so I guess that's not too bad.

I do hope your week off goes to plan and you manage to sew until your fingers get numb!

Dy said...

Snap, I've made that cross stitch too - it's on my family room wall now. Only took me 4 years to make! :-)