Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hearts and Kandy

How do you know when you are a craft-a-holic? Is it when you look for things you can be doing even when in the bath?
Knitting works well as I discovered yesterday, though I think you would need to be at the very start of something or before long your project would be covered in bubbles :-) Take a look at this lovely felted yarn doesn't it look good enough to eat? I don't have that much to show for the last couple of days but after a few hours at the sewing machine today I turned this pile of hearts .... Into this cute bag. This is the February bag that the talented Kandy designed for us to make this month as part of the BQL bag challenge. This is going to be winging it's way to a cyber friend of mine in the US soon.

While I'm not girlie enough to be a hearts and flowers person I do love the shape and size of this bag so I may just have to make another for me but add my own embellishment. You can check out all of the other great creations being made from this pattern as they emerge here.


Helen in the UK said...

Congrats on finishing your BQL bag - looks great. Seems like you did achieve quite a lot with you week off .... but it did fly past quickly :)

Anonymous said...

that yarn is so yummy as are the hearts. fabulous, love the bag.