Sunday, March 30, 2008


Today I've finished off another set of postcards, only a few more sets to do and I will be totally caught up with these yipee!

I went a bit silly with this set. I was sorting through a box of cross stitch paraphernalia that belonged to Mum the other week and came across this book.The cute Cow alphabet on the front caught my attention straight away. This in turn led me to think about a crazy cow pattern FQ that I was given as apart of a birthday swap (I think). I remember thinking at the time that I loved the fabric but couldn't see how I would ever use it. The combination of the two led me to this.
M is for Moo. Yes totally silly I know but it's fun to be childish sometimes, being a grown up can be so boring at times! I had to paint the cross stitch fabric as I didn't have any retina burning yellow lying around!
I don't really work with yellow much but it's such a great colour I'm smitten. Probably a good thing too as I have another yellow postcard swap coming up soon.
Just for fun I'll leave you will some yummy yellowness. Bits from my embellishment box...
And a peek into my thread box....

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StegArt said...

Although I've never been into the cow theme, that alphabet is quite cute and I really like how you paired up that fabric with your cross stitching. I like that little kitty in your stash view.