Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Much TO DO About Nothing

I'm a day later than usual with my report on the to do list. After a long day at work yesterday I just didn't really want to spend too much time on the computer yesterday evening.

Anyway here is my confession as to how I got on with last weeks list

  • Finish TIF project - Well you know by now the doll is done. I'm still trying to choose a name from the fabulous suggestions so watch this space ...
  • Add another kitty to the cross stitch - yep I can check this off the list too
  • Cut fabric for march bag - another tick on the list
  • Work on secret project one - oops this was a bit fat failure I didn't pick up a needle on this one.
  • Make CyberFyber postcard - again a no-no
  • Start Something Beginning with L postcards. - A start has been made but a very slow one. I don't often give away what is happening with my postcards before they are done but as I don't have any other pictures to share for this post I will make an exception. I have decided L is for log cabin

Although this looks rather big here this log cabin is actually only 2 inches (and it's not as wonky as it looks on the scan honest!). I think I must be going made as I need 6 of these to make one postcard top so these will probably be slow to progress but they will be my hand stitching project this week.

So onto my list for this week

  • Make postcards for CyberFyber (this is going to be my priority as it's been on the list twice already and I still haven't gotten anywhere.
  • Continue with Something Beginning with L cards
  • Start stitching together March challenge bag
  • Start thinking about March TIF

That lot should keep me going for a while, well at least until this time next week ;)

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