Monday, March 24, 2008


I'm back.....
Sadly I've made very little in roads on my to do list this last week. After a busy few days at work I just didn't have the energy to do anything in the evenings, and then this weekend we went to Wales for a couple of days.
Over to Pembrokeshire one of my favourite parts of the country. Sadly I didn't realise before we left that my camera was totally out of charge so I was unable to take any pictures while we were there, so all I have to share from our adventure is this postcards picture of Carew Castle one of the many places we stopped by.

Mark has a couple more pictures on his blog but he hasn't put them all up yet.

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Carol said...

Can't believe you drove past my house and i didn't know. I live literally 2 minutes off of junction 47 of the M4, which you must have had to drive past to get to pembroke. I am gutted, next time you are down here give me a buzz and you wil have to break your journey for tea at mine.