Thursday, March 06, 2008

Crafting in the Bath Part II

It's almost midnight here and I'm heading for bed but I thought I'd stop by for a quick post first.

If you pop in to read my ramblings regularly then you might remember a few short weeks ago that I was looking for the perfect thing for crafting in the bath. I tried the knitting which worked fine for the small pieces that I was making for my knit postcards, but I think I have found the perfect thing.

I'm becoming slightly obsessed with making these little logs, which is probably a good thing seeing how I need 24 altogether and I discovered this evening that if you have all your little scraps cut and ready to go they are the perfect in bath project, lol!

On a totally random note, I thought I'd share another quick picture with you. Can you believe there is a workspace under here somewhere, me thinks it's time to get tidying tomorrow!


Quilt Pixie said...

and here I thought you were going to tell me removing paper foudnations from those blocks was perfect bath work! :-)

Sue B said...

sewing in the bath?! Love the colors in those blocks.

StegArt said...

Is it okay if I tell you that you're strange??? LOL! Crafting in the bath huh? Well I know that wouldn't work for me. But hey, if it works, I say 'Go for it'. Love the little log blocks, the colors are great together.

VP said...

Oh I think your place is quite tidy - you should see mine!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

too funny.....I actually have wished for a bath project, since I don't always feel like reading...maybe I'll take my paper piecing hexagons.....nice log cabins!