Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weekly Mutterings

I had hoped to be posting today or yesterday with my completed postcard for CyberFyber but when i was planning my to do list last week I totally forgot that yesterday was the Swindon Embroiderers Guild meeting and I wouldn't have Monday as a stitching night. Oh well we had a wonderful talk by Annette Emms (you might have seen her fairy shoe article in Stitch magazine not so long ago). Last night she spoke all about her series of work based on images from different parish churches around the country very inspirational.

So here is my progress report
  • Make CyberFyber postcard - It's not quite done but nearly there so I'm not shouting at myself this week, lol. Here is a sneak peek

  • Finish March Bag - Done
  • Start Something Beginning with M Cards - These are most definately started but are going to take sometime so I won't share any pics yet
  • Start March TIF piece - I have drafted a pattern for the doll form but that is as far as I've got but I will tick this as it is a start right?
  • Work on Steam sketchbook - I decided to scratch this one from the list. GWE have a sketchbook workshop coming up so I've decided not to do anymore work in my sketchbook until then.
  • Work on Secret project One - This one is definitely achieved if I hadn't run out of thread I think I would be well on my way to finishing this one.

So we have an extra long weekend coming up with Easter and although we are planning to go away for a couple of days I am going to be super ambitious with my list this week just to try and give myself an extra push so here goes.

  • Finish CyberFyber postcard
  • Finish Something Beginning with M postcards
  • Make good progress on March TIF
  • Make mysekf a pencil roll use Kate's great tutorial here.
  • Start on Fabric Page One
  • Finish Secret Project One (if I can get to the shop to get more thread)
  • Start on Secret Project Two
  • Make an ATC for Anna's challenge

If that little lot doesn't keep me busy I don't know what will!


katelnorth said...

...and people say MY lists are ambitious :)

Violet said...

Hope you have a great easter long weekend Angela and get alot completed in your to do list. :-)