Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March - Take it Further

I just realised that so far I hadn't mentioned the March TIF challenge here yet.

This months concept;

Do you ever notice the little things, the small moments, the details in life? This months challenge is to do just that, pay attention to the tiny details. Sometimes the small things become emblematic for something larger. That is it! I am going to keep it brief.

This months colours;
For the last 2 challenges an idea almost immediately popped into my head and grew roots so that I couldn't shake it out. This time I'm pretty stumped neither the theme or the colour palette has triggered anything immediately.

I will have to sit down with notepad and pen I think to see if I can provoke my tiny brain into a spark of an idea. This will be a very different way of working for me than my usual approach so it should be interesting. Watch this space....

1 comment:

Annette J said...

With you there Angela my mind is a bitof a blank about March TIF. Perhaps that's why its a challenge.