Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekly Mutterings

Well here I am a day late again with my to do list confession. I have decided that Monday is not a good day as I am usually very crabby after the first day back at work after the weekend and don't want to sit at my computer in the evenings so I think I am going to permanently switch my confession day to a Tuesday.

So here we go, please bless me as I have yet again failed to complete my to do list, it's been one week since my last confession, lol.

  • Make CyberFyber postcard - Failed. I did start to make a card but the idea was not working and I got totally frustrated, I then got hooked on making those mini log cabins and didn't start another card as I had planned.
  • Continue L cards - Continued and done as per last post :)
  • Start stitching March Challenge bag - yes that is underway too. Here is the proof
  • Think about March TIF - I finally have my idea for it and will post some more detail probably tomorrow.

This weeks list goes something like this;

  • MAKE CYBERFYBER CARD (yes I am shouting at myself!)
  • Finish March Challenge Bag
  • Start Something Beginning with M cards
  • Start March TIF piece
  • Work on my Steam Sketchbook
  • Work on secret project one

Who knows maybe this will be the week when my list actually gets completed (though I won't be holding my breath!)


Jacqui said...

Just think if you didn't have your list, you might not get anything done but then if the list becomes to burdensome, then it will hinder your creativity. In short, don't beat yourself up too much

Quilt Pixie said...

you made gains on your list, and a few projects that weren't on it it sounds like, so seems like a generally positive week to me :-)

Cyber Fyber said...

Your work is wonderful! CYBER FYBER is suppose to be FUN!
PS The frog photos are absolutely incredible!