Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A less than Auspicious start to the year

Yuck I have been holed up in bed for the last couple of days with a horrible flu virus thing, not exactly the auspicious start to the new year that I had hoped for. I guess the last few months of looking after MIL and trying to keep up with daily life finally caught up on me.

The only thing I've managed the last couple of days is a couple of stints of blog reading on the laptop from the safety of my bed. Today I have forced myself to get up but sitting here at the PC I'm starting to rue that decision as I can only just about see straight so I think it will be back to bed for me soon.

As you can imagine I've not done any walking or creating (unless you call the mound of snotty tissues by my bed modern art!), but I do have a couple of pictures to share with you from Sunday before I hit the sick bed.
Here is a not so good shot of the Christmas lights on a house nearby us taken on our evening walk. I know it's all blurry but somehow it speaks to me of the transitory nature of this time of year, the sadness when all the build up is done and the celebrations are over in the blink of an eye.Here is the progress I made on the cross stitch on Sunday evening. Actually I did manage to stitch out quite a lot, my family came up to visit through the day so this was all done in the evening while trying to stave off the start of a monster headache which 4 days later is still giving me a muzzy head. I finished this fat cat on top of the T, he was great fun to stitch.This fellow squashed in between the A and T. I'm not so keen on him. The kit gives the floss codes for DMC threads but it does say that the floss in the kit maybe a local alternative (whatever that means). His tabby stripes are not as well defined as they are on the kit picture so I guess I have some local alternative, hey pretty much every local stitching shop here carries DMC so to me there is no excuse, I guess it's all about cutting costs and maximising profits even in the stitching world!
Finally this little fur ball on top of the C, he's so small and only in a couple of colours he came together in no time.

I don't think I will get back to stitching for another couple of days, I need to try and build myself up today as I want to try and make it in to work tomorrow if only for a few hours as I know my desk will already be a pile of paperwork threatening avalanche.

And just in case you are wondering what 4 days of sick looks like, here it is in all it's technicolour glory, bad hair, bad skin and dark circles. Don't ask me why I'm sharing this nasty photo of myself, maybe I'm hoping you'll take pity and send some 'get well soon' energy my way so I can start appreciating this new year :)


Terri Stegmiller said...

Are you ready? The 'get well soon' energy should be there any second. Feel it yet?

Donna said...

I feel your pain just from the picture! Nasty nasty germs to come visiting over the holidays.... You've been very charitable playing hostess to them, but enough -- time to be rude and send them packing!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Snap.. me too! You have all my sympathy... I am on day 5 and still have the headache as well as everything else.... strongly recommend you do not go into work tomorrow.... not worth it. My daughter tells me this is a 10 day virus.... she did not cheer me up either Take care of yourself!
Best wishes

Carol said...

Get well soon chicken! Hope it helps!love carol t