Sunday, January 20, 2008

This could only happen to me

Let me ask you a question dear reader, Have you ever found yourself in your local quilt shop stood in your knickers? Hmm thought not, well this is what happened to me yesterday. Now I know what you are thinking but no I wasn't arrested and stripped searched for trying to smuggle out a few yards of that new scrummy batik that they had. On my way to the shop to take a workshop (more about that later) I was walking innocently along in the rain when a bus went speeding past and managed to drench me in a conveniently located puddle. When I arrived at the shop Jan, the owner, suggested that I should have a go at ironing my trousers dry rather than sit in damp misery all day, so there I was a little before 10am stood in their kitchen in my knickers frantically trying to desaturated my clothes! Ok so I searched around on the web to locate a picture that might represent me at the ironing board but nothing so I thought we'd have a bit of gratuitous fun instead.

Anyway back to the real reason for this post. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking the most enjoyable workshop I've ever had with the wonderful Janet Bolton. I expect many of you will already be familiar with her amazing work but her website is here. Sadly there aren't many pictures of her lovely work though.

Janet is the most interesting and generous person. I think the thing that I will keep with me forever was her simple urging for us all to make what we like and never to think that what you are making is wrong because it might not match up to someone elses ideal. As long as we make what pleases us it is right.

I had such a fun and absorbing day that I totally forgot to take any pictures, so all I have to share I'm sad to say is my work in progress. Janet does the most amazing work using both vintage and new fabrics, but usually in muted and rustic tones, I just don't really have any fabrics like that so I had to work with what I had and stuck to my usual bright tones. I also could not get the hang of trying to needle turn the tiny shapes that Janet uses so I went with a large design in the end. I'm slightly disappointed with myself that I couldn't get to grips with this as everyone else in the class seemed to manage ok but practise makes perfect so I will keep trying and having the opportunity to hear Janet talk about her life and work made the day.


Terri Stegmiller said...

Ack! What an awful thing to have happen. I do admire your humor about it. Glad the class was enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Haha, what a great story, and thanks for the gratuitous fun picture! :)
What an excellent message Janet shared with you - and good on you for recognising that your perceived lack of skills in needleturning may only be because you haven't done it as much as the others. And they, of course, are probably writing the same thing on their own blogs, as we all seem to have perfected the art of self-criticism, haven't we! Love your cat! Be sure to show us the finished piece.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Where did you take the class? Sounds like lots of fun. Loved your tale - so funny.
I recall, in my mispent youth, walking down the Kings Road, Chelsea,one summer and the elastic broke in my knickers. I was wearing a mini skirt too!! So I stepped out of them, and dived into the nearest shop and bought a new pair.... and put the new knoickers on in their changing room. Cost a fortune!That was embarrassing!

Best wishes

Donna said...

sounds like a class well worth taking -- not necessarily for the the techniques but for the attitude! hang on to the phrases she used, repeat daily even hourly and maybe they can become the "tape" you hear in your head rather then any old silly quilt police :-)

Kate North said...

i love Janet Bolton - heard her talk once, and show photos of her work, really interesting, though i couldn't produce the sort of stuff she does either... love your gratuitious pic - i'll take one of those to do my ironing, please!