Monday, January 21, 2008

Take It Further Progress

I don't know about everyone else but since Sharon posted the January Take it Further details I have started to see green and purple everywhere.I spotted this bench on a walk in the rain through the park on Sunday and instantly thought TIF.

I have finally started to make some progress on my piece this weekend. I will be the first to admit that I haven't gotten as far as I would like but at least I have finally started stitching something.

Apologies. The colours aren't great in this picture but as I took it this evening I had to use a flash which always seems to distort 'real' colours.

I knew that I had a busy week last week, but after 2 late nights at work, a trip to the movies, my Saturday workshop and walking in the rain yesterday I didn't realise just how little stitching time I would have last week. Even though I didn't set an overly ambitious to do list I still didn't get as far as I would have liked.
  • Finish Orange Postcards - Yipee managed to do this one
  • Finish BQL January Bag - Oops total failure I didn't even manage to pick this one up
  • Make a start on TIF doll - Start made but no where the sort of start I had hoped for
  • Add another kitty to the cross stitch - Another tick in the check column.

So I just realised that with my busy week I have totally forgotten to share the cross stitch progress. Here is the overall shot, so I admit again I probably spent a little more time on this than I wanted to but it's so easy to pick up in the evenings. Not only did I add the extra kitty but also a couple of hearts here and there.

Here is a close up of the new kitty, sorry about the bad pic got a lot of glare from the flash. I'm so glad that I am asking DH to choose each new edition. I really didn't want to stitch this one as basically it's just a mirror image of one of the first kitties to be complete. Part of the fun of doing these is watching each one emerge and I had already seen this one done, anyway having DH choose has made me get on with it and now it's over and done and I can move on to the next.

Even though I am not managing to achieve everything on my To Do list each week it is really helping me to concentrate on the things that I want to work on so I will continue to work this way for a while. I have another busy week this week including a 17 hour day at work tomorrow, ick! So I am going to restrict my list to 2 things this week.

  • Finish BQL January Bag
  • Make good progress on my TIF doll

Tune in same time next week to see if I finally manage to complete a weekly to do list, lol!


Donna said...

your list for this week in terms of goals seems appropriate with so much weighing you down... anything extra is bonus :-)

Anonymous said...

Lists, my husband laughs at my lists but if I didn't have a list, I would never get things done. Actually, that is a real truism as I know when I do a list I do most of the things on them but if I don't have a list, nothing, and I mean, nothing gets done, not even the housework!

Looking forward to seeing how the doll ends up and will you be using some peacock feathers? You know at Corsham Court we use to be able to get a good amount of feathers from the peacocks that ran around there. Wonder if they are still there?

One reason I never had any in my room and its a sad reason, I was told that peacock features are the eyes of the devil and will bring bad to you if brought them into the house. Silly eh!