Saturday, January 05, 2008

More cross stitch progress

I'm happy again, I feel like I'm finally getting the better of this dang virus, I even stepped outside the house today for the first time in a week, sadly it was just to do some grocery shopping but hey it's a start.

One sure fire way of knowing that my mojo is nearly back is that I picked up a needle again yesterday. I worked some more on my cross stitch. I had really wanted to give the cross stitching a break for a while and move on to some other things but I figured that following a pattern would be less taxing on my virus addled brain. I really can't believe how quickly I'm progressing with this, to think a couple of weeks ago I start out with this
And as of yesterday evening I have this.It really is coming on faster than I could have dared hope, there's still a long way to go before it's done though. Here is a close up of the cutie that emerged yesterday. I had to unpick a fair bit before I finally got him done but that was just down to me not being able to focus on the pattern as my head was still muzzy.I had a whole list of creative things that I wanted to get done today but the grocery shopping just about wiped me out so I guess I still need to try and pace myself for a few days until all these germs are totally gone.

Take It Further Musings

I have been thinking a bit more about the Take It further challenge today mainly due to some super fast service from Ebay. Yesterday I ordered some peacock feathers here. Today they arrived through the letter box! Hows that for service? Definitely the fastest I've ever had from an ebay seller. The green colours to me definitely match this months colour palette, it's the blues that will need more thinking about as palette has purples rather than blues.
I'm starting to think maybe an art doll with a peacock inspired theme, I've only ever made a couple of small fabric dolls before so this would be a real challenge for me. I'll have to think on this some more as it might be too much to take on given the month time scale, especially as I still have other swap commitments to catch up on that I'm still lagging behind on from 2007.

I think a watch this space is the order of the day ......

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Purple Missus said...

So glad you are feeling better Angela. An art doll with a peacock theme sounds a really wonderful idea - luscious colours to work with. Look forward to watching your progress.