Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Good progress

Here we are it's only Tuesday and I've made good progress on my list for this week already. I've raided my stash for some fabrics for the TIF challenge, sorry no picture yet, we're having lots of grey days here at the moment not good for photography, but hopefully I'll have one to share soon.
I've also made a good start on my bag challenge. This months bag is a great fabric bag for using when out shopping. When I saw the bag it immediately bought my gran to mind as she lives near her town centre and walks in everyday to get her shopping, so I thought this bag might be a perfect gift to give her. She works in a charity shop and not long after I started quilting she bought home a lovely charm pack that had been given to her shop so I figured this would be the perfect time to actually use it. Yesterday evening I got busy stitching these squares together to form the base fabric for my bag. I haven't really done any patchwork in a while and had forgotten how satisfying it can be just chain stitching squares together.
I've also been making some backgrounds for my something beginning with I postcards. I decided I is for ink splats. I used some Dye-Na-Flow colours blobbed directly onto TimTex and plan to add some stitching to complete the design. Here are the backgrounds as they are at the moment. It will be fun to see how they turn out. I have the day off work today as I will be going to the GWE meeting this afternoon so plan to hit the sewing machine this morning, hopefully I'll get these postcards done and ready to mail.

I have also gotten back to my daily walk the last few days, I'm really enjoying getting some fresh air each day. I don't have any pictures to share though as I've been going out after dark and there are limited things that I can capture with my little compact at night.

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