Saturday, September 18, 2010


Just had to tell you about a wonderful day spent in the lovely city of Bath a couple of weekends ago. It started out as a simple expedition to pick up some embroidery thread (which actually didn't happen in the end as they didn't have what I needed) but it was such a lovely day we ended up wandering round and didn't get back until evening.
Part of the reason we stayed so long is we ended up on Safari, the city is scattered with lion statues all decorated by different artists or groups. There are 100 or so to see altogether and we ended up hunting out about half of them.
This next one was called Dave so of course the real Dave was made to assume the pose, I'll leave you to decide who is the most handsome, lol.
In my pursuit of capturing a feet picture I almost managed to push this poor lion down the hill, but hey not my fault the platform was on wheels with no brakes :)
All the lion hunting was quite exhausting but luckily we were able to refuel on amazing food and lovely wine at a fabulous South American themed restaurant that we love.
And for dessert which picked up some delicious chilli chocolate at the Italian market they had going, naughty but very nice!
I know I've posted about Bath a few times before as I'm lucky enough to live so close by, but I don't think I've ever shared any snaps of two of the famous landmarks, the beautiful Georgian Building of The Circus
and The Royal Crescent, which you can just about make out in the background of this one of us.
Most definitely one of those Lou Reed 'Perfect Days'........

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