Tuesday, September 07, 2010


A few weeks ago I introduced you to one of the new girls in my life, Millie, so I figured it was about time that Molly got her turn on the blog. I was meaning to take the camera in the garden and catch Molly in the sunshine just as I had with Millie, but one night while I was lying in bed reading she came and snuggled up next to me.
These pictures are obviously taken in low light so may not be the best but I just love the lazy mood they capture. In this first one above you might be able to catch a glimpse of Oscar sitting on the window ledge in the background.
Molly is such a sweet little thing and very affectionate once you get to know her, she has been very curious about the new cats that are being introduced to her life. Thankfully both she and Millie have taken things in their stride and don't seem to have been overly stressed by the experience.
This last shot may be my favourite of the bunch, to me it shows just how soft and fluffy Molly is :) I'm so lucky to have these cute girlies in my life.


Jane said...

She looks very content.

artymess said...

Lovely cat.... .i was wondering if you had received cute Potatoe yet??..i sent her at the beginning of the week........Lorna x