Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Autumn Queen update

Still not finding much time for blogging but I had to just pop by with a quick Autumn Queen update. Although I haven't had a huge amount of stitching time either as I hoped this one is coming along reasonably quickly as there are some large blocks of colour.
You might remember this picture above as it was my starting point on this one. You might also remember that I had some unpicking to do. Well this is where I'm at as of today. As you can see the sleeve has been unpicked and head and shoulders are starting to emerge.
I've hit a couple of stumbling blocks along the way as some of the threads that Mum left in the kit had got jumbled up and I thought a couple were missing, but it's all sorted now so hopefully I'll soon have the stitching on her all done and can move on to the beading, which I think is going to be a challenge :)


Ginnie said...

This is progressing well, very pretty

Vicki W said...

You've made some good progress!