Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Things are still manic here at Angelcat Manor and there is barely time for breathing some days let along blogging. But as someone who has always been really bad at keeping a diary in any form I love how easy it is to stick up a few photos and voila you have an instant way of marking the passage of time. So I'm going to try and make time for more blogging as too many precious moments and perfects days are slipping by unrecorded.Take this last weekend just gone by for instant I had a warm up baby sitting session. In October my sister is letting me loose with the kids for 4 days, gulp, so she roped me in for a nights baby sitting as a trial run. Here are my 2 adorable (?) nephews.Baby Kai is growing up so fast, here he is looking ever so slightly puzzled - 'why is my Mum all dressed up and getting ready to go out and leave me behind?'

Actually he was really quite good and when he finally dropped off to sleep at about 10:30pm he slept right through and didn't wake me up until 6am.
Breakfast was fun - here are the remains - Auntie Angela needs a bit more practise to perfect the breakfast routine!!!Eventually even baby gets fed up of having the camera shoved in his face and makes a grab for it, so I moved on to the huge pile of colourful toys for my photographic practise as they offered no resistance, lol

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Vi said...

lol...looks like alot of fun!! :-) Wishing you good luck for the 4 days babysitting. hehe I'm sure you'll do great!