Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekend Wonders

Had a nice super chilled weekend this weekend, no rushing around no out and about just at home pleasing ourselves. So with lack of any adventure to share here are a few snapshots from home.The fish got a new toy, I just couldn't resist adding this Greek style ruin to the tank. Not the most attractive photo but the fish were playing silly buggers and this is the only way I could get a few of them in the shot (still only just though look in the top corner, lol).Cute Potatoe and I got creative and did some journalling. It's time for cute to pack her bags and head off to the USA.Look at this delicious crop straight from the garden. After making a good start our poor veg patch got a bit neglected over the busy summer and wasn't looked after as well as it could have been. We are planning our holidays for November next year though so there will be more time to concentrate on the garden next summer, and we're aiming for a bigger veg patch next year so watch this space.And of course my weekend wouldn't be complete without a bit of stitching. Beading on the Autumn Queen has begun.

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