Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cosy Evenings

Autumn is really in the air around here at the moment. Woke up to a world covered in mist this morning, sadly I wasn't really awake enough to appreciate it while making my way to work earlier.

With the nights drawing in, temperatures dropping and the lurgy visiting our house there hasn't been any time or energy for frolics and adventure. The autumnal air is obviously having it's effect on me as I want to spend cosy evenings at home, it seems I'm preparing for winter hibernation already

I've been trying to learn to play the guitar, my progress isn't very fast, after days spent at work my poor little brain seems to struggle to retain anything I try and learn in the evening. I'm worried that my camera might seize up due to lack of outdoor adventure, but I've been trying to stop that happening by trying again to get some shots of the fishes. As you can see though its not going too well, these are the best I've managed so far. I've even turned my hand to a bit of baking. Haven't done any of that for oh I don't remember how long, but these blueberry cakes were just yummy. Mostly I've just been spending a lot of time cuddled up with the cats. Doesn't Oscar just look the perfect vision of domestic bliss?

I've also been having the urge to start stitching something of my own again, I want to experiment and stitch for stitchings sake, not just follow a pattern, but the evening light fades to quickly once I get home...maybe I'll get round to it at the weekend.
We might be spending more time indoors but look we're still very cosmopolitan, lol. Spanish drinking chocolate and french brandy, it's medicinal you know, as I said at the start lurgy is loitering at our place ;-)


Miss 376 said...

It's visiting here too, lol. I love being able to shut the curtains on the dark evenings and be all cosy and warm inside

MargaretR said...

I too hate going out in the evenings once it starts to get colder. And like you I have started to bake for the first time in ages :)

Vi said...

Well it's the opposite here..getting warmer and closer to summer. I want to be there. lol
Your Blueberry cakes look yum!
I really want to learn the Guitar oneday. Good on you. :-)