Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tigger Part Three

So much for a weekend full of a lot of sleep! Friday night we went to see a friends band and didn't get to bed until 2am and now here we are on Sunday morning it's 5:45am and I've been awake since 3:30 I just can't sleep.

Anyway as a consequence the next part of Tigger is already done! I'm fascinated by this whole stitching with wool thing. These chunky stitches are just so different from the delicate little cross stitches that I'm used to.
Only the dark green strips to do and this one is done :)

One good thing about being up this early is sunrise. Sadly from here I only have a view of the tops of other houses but the pre-dawn colours are beautiful none the less. Yesterday we went to see the new Batman movie which was amazing, best film of the year so far. We also went for a beautiful walk in the Cotswold countryside near the beautiful village of Bibury. Sadly I forgot to take my camera but if you are interested you can see some images of the village here. Will definitely go back and take my camera next time!

Today I'm hoping to get my orange postcards embellished and done, it's looking like it will be another beautiful day so the sun lounger will probably be aking an appearance as well, maybe I'll even get to catch up on some sleep in the garden!

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Donna said...

may the "rest fairy" keep you complany while the "sleep fairy" seems to be on vacation... :-)

You keep such a beautiful even tension with the wool -- at least part of the reason I don't venture into more stitchery and gave up on canvas work so long ago...