Sunday, July 13, 2008

GWE Workshops

I don't have much to chat about today. My baby sis is getting married next weekend so this Friday was the hen night and I spent most of yesterday recovering so not much productive going on!
However I did want to do a quick post about a new group which is going to be starting, this is a branch out from the Great Western Embroiderers. Read all about it here on Maggies blog. If you live anywhere in the Wilts/Glos/Oxon area and are looking for some space to work on textiles with like minded artists get in touch with Maggie this is for you :)
And as I don't like to post without a picture here are a few fabrics which I have pulled out of the stash which may feature in my next project to be started which is a small wall hanging for my Aunt's birthday. I'm following a pattern as I need something which will come together quick as her birthday is in a couple of weeks.

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