Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cornwall Revisited

I've been meaning to get round to posting some more pictures from my holiday. I actually didn't end up taking that many, I think I was just so relaxed I spent most of the time not thinking about it but wandering around in a happy daze.

Mark has some lovely pics on his blog, but here are a few of mine. Mousehole Harbour. You can read about the famous mousehole cat legend here.
Levant mine at sunset
Sunset silhouette Me chilling out and waiting to watch the sunset.
Me and Mark at St Michael's mount at sunrise. Can you believe that I actually got up at 4:30 am while on holiday?!!! I must be insane.
And of course my holiday staple some more cider :)

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Threadspider said...

St. Michael's Mount looks like it was well worth the effort to get up. I'm glad you are feeling a bit restored.