Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Super Nerd

As well as the wedding at the weekend we found time to take a couple of trips to the movies. On Friday we took my nephew to see Wall-e which was wonderful.

On Sunday we decided to just turn up at the cinema and pick something at Random. We ended up watching Journey to the Centre of the Earth and were lucky enough to be at a cinema with a 3D screen. Our local cinema does not have this so my last memories of trying to watch 3D were having to wear those paper glasses with the co,oured lenses, and somehow I could never quite get the 3D effect. Thankfully technology has moved on and I was amazed at the effects and the realism of things jumping at you from the screen. Unfortunately the glasses are still rather nerdy!
They are only missing the sticking plaster in the middle for the total nerd effect!

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Anonymous said...

We went to a 3d show with the kids durinf the holidays. Once i got over wearing the glasses (over my own specs)I was amazed at how good the effects were. The show was advertised as 4D - water spray and cobwebby things came down from the ceiling in various parts - just to add to experience (The water spray occured when a polar bear sneezed - nice)