Monday, July 28, 2008

Something Beginning with O

OK so the orange postcards are done, and I had a lot of fun with them.

I scattered the tiny squares on the painted backgrounds and stitched them down using a free motion spiral movement. Here is one of the cards before embellishment.
I'm a little disappointed that the painted backgrounds faded so much but they are a lot more orange in reality than shows in the picture, even in close up I can't quite get the camera to show you the colour that the eye sees.
It was a glorious day today, so check this out; Orange flip flops, orange sunbed and orange stitching project, really this could only be Angelcat's Arbour! (ok so technically no trees around but I couldn't think of another garden type word beginning with A)
I made four cards altogether for the swap and although they are all slightly different they are all along the same line so here is one of the finished cards. I had intended to embellish them to death but when I found these lovely sequins in the box I came round to the idea that less is sometimes more.Now I'm feeling back in the groove and can't wait to get started on my something beginning with P cards.

Apart from housework, sunbathing and orange stitching I have been trying to tackle one more thing today. Years ago I cross stitched this Bagpuss picture and knitted a stripey pink backing to make a small cushion. One day this cushion ended up on the floor and got trod on by a muddy boot. I've tried once already to get the staining out but it didn't work, so today it got another wash. If the stain doesn't come out this time I think I will have to think of a way to recycle Bagpuss. Luckily it's the background rather than the stitching that is stained. Here he is drying in the sun. (please ignore the shadow in the corner created by a giant weed which met it's demise shortly after this shot was taken,lol!)


StegArt said...

Love how your orange postcards turned out.

Threadspider said...

I love the orange postcards too! And dear old Bagpuss. I hope you can find a new life for him.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love these! I love orange too, it is so bright and happy....Melinda

janet said...

Those orange cards are really lovely. Its also great to see you getting back into the creative groove! Regarding the bagpuss cushion - sunlight can act as a natural bleaching agent so hopefully the stain may come out. I used to use this technique to get ketchup stains out of white shirts when the kids were little!

ACey said...

wow I can see how you love orange! the postcards are wonderful - thanks for your visit to my blog.