Saturday, July 19, 2008

Silent Vigil Part 5

Thanks to my extra afternoon this week I actually had some time to work on Silent Vigil which I thought would go by the wayside this week in the effort to finish the wall hanging.

I haven't made a huge amount of progress but I have added a lot of back stitch detail to the edge of the tiger and also outlined the facial details. I didn't realise until I went to add the whiskers that Mum hadn't quite finished all of the black stitching in the tiger so I had a bit of extra work that I wasn't expecting there too.

Here it is as was at the time of last posting.
And this is the now.I know it doesn't look hugely different but here is a close up of some of the detail I've added (sorry about the pics it's really overcast here today so had to take with flash).
I only have the area of background to finish on the left side and the star beading and this one will be done. I should be there sometime in the next few days.
It's my Baby sis's wedding this weekend, hopefully I'll have some photos of the gorgeous bride to share when I get back :)


Vicki W said...

OK, that does it. I'm going to take my big UFO cross stitch to craft week in September. You just wait and see!

Micki said...

I love your cross stitch projects. You are very talented. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours.
In Ireland