Friday, July 25, 2008

Orange Orgy

Well it's been a while since I made any postcards. And I am still outstanding on a few of the swaps I signed up for before my hospital stay. I was almost up to date before this but since then as you know I have been struggling to do much.

I had a look through my list and realised that I am owing on 5 swaps and this reality check has finally shamed me into hitting the sewing room. I don't have any finished product to show yet but I painted these backgroundsAnd cut some of my scraps into these tiny squares Now I am ready with this beautiful rayon thread from Madeira
And my trusty box of embellishmentsHopefully I will have some finished cards to share soon :) I have been feeling pretty exhausted this week, and when I sat and thought about it I've been busy for the last 5 weekends running and have hardly had a moments breathing space. So this weekend I plan to sleep (a lot), stitch, go for a long walk and take myself to see the new batman movie.

Before I sign off today I just have to share a picture of my sewing room companion. Pip has become the guardian of orange :)


Donna said...

may you find rejuvenation. Love the idea of sorting embellishements by colour... may have to "steal" that one... :-)

Threadspider said...

You take care now and have a relaxing weekend.
Please show us the postcards when you have done them, but remember they will always wait a little longer.