Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Last Friday night saw me getting on the train for a trip in to Bath for some shopping at the annual Christmas market.Just as I arrived in Bath the first snowflakes of this winter began to fall. If you look closely you might just be able to make out the snowflake streaks against the night sky in this picture.The night couldn't have been anymore perfect, Christmas shopping in the snow :)As usual I saw a tonne of stuff that I could quite happily have taken home and wrapped up for myself, but I was good and resisted all temptations. I'm trying to be super organised this year and am wrapping as I go, so the pile of pressies is growing nicely and the festive spirit is starting to infuse me already. If things carry on in this vein it really is going to be a Happy Christmas this year.

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coral-seas said...

I'm wishing you a very happy Christmas.