Friday, November 19, 2010

Windfall Apples

Last week I was gifted a huge bag of windfall apples. Ok so they might not have been the prettiest looking apples on the block but with a bit of cosmetic surgery they got turned in to 4 delicious crumbles. As you can probably see I added a few blackberries to a couple of the dishes. Looks like the naughty kitchen sprites took a nibble out of this one before it made it in to the freezer. I also made a pie, my pastry skills leave a lot to be desired but what it lacks in aesthetic beauty it makes up for in taste. After 4 crumbles and a pie there were still more apples so a couple more were chucked in to the slow cooker with some pork and a splash of cider for a delicious Sunday dinner.

The freezer is now full, so it's now down to the hard work of eating up some of those yummy puddings. :)

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Miss 376 said...

I have one more dish for a crumble left in the freezer, the boys soon demolished the others