Monday, November 29, 2010

Nan's Quilt

Most of my crafting time at the moment is going in to trying to get Nan's Christmas present done. It's coming along well, but still a long way to go.The back is now pieced, just using this and that pieces of fabric from the boxes I already have. This isn't going to be a master class in quilt making that's for sure, but it's being stitched with plenty of love and is meant to be functional so hopefully it will end up being just that.Yesterday saw me shifting around furniture in an effort to lay this one out in the living room and get the layers basted together. So it's now all rolled up and ready for quilting. I don't do fancy quilting so this is going to get the straight stitch in the ditch treatment.
One of the very best things about quilting is that you know as soon as you start getting the fabric out you're sure to attract the company of a kitty or two looking to make a nest right on that vital piece of cotton you need next. :)


Miss 376 said...

You have the same problem as me. I much prefer them sitting on it, than chasing the scissors or rotary cutter

KimP said...

I remember this! Glad to see you are finishing it.

Also, I love to see kitty photos!