Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Playing in the Snow

After the first sprinkling of snow on Friday night, we woke up on Saturday to a lovely white world. This is was the view from the bedroom window Saturday morning. Of course being the giant kid that I am I couldn't wait to pull on my hat and gloves and starting messing around in all that virgin whiteness. The garden always looks so pretty when it has a topping of fresh snow. I love how this spiderweb managed to catch and hold captive some of the glorious white flakes. Not long after photographing the web, on a quick trip to the local shop, we happened across this spider taking a stroll in the snow. I know how cold my toes get walking in the snow, I wonder how cold it would be having eight legs on the ground? :)

We have more snow forecast this week so maybe more snow photos on the way

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Miss 376 said...

We've got quite a bit outside now with more falling. The kittens have given us a good laugh as they bound through the snow