Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Rainbows

I'm full of cold and feeling pretty under the weather at the moment, hopefully I'll get all the germs out of my system this week so that I'm fit and well and ready to celebrate Christmas in style.Meanwhile, now the quilt is done I was wondering what I could pick up to do next. Seeing the rainbow the other day reminded me that I still had my very own hexagon rainbow sitting in the UFO box waiting to be made in to a pillow. Seemed like the perfect pick up and finish without too much thinking project, perfect when your brain doesn't want to function when it's full of cold.I almost decided against going with the original plan when I picked the hexagons out of the box and the light from the window caught them. Looks like stained glass don't you think? Was almost tempted just to leave them hanging in the window.But I went with the original plan, and this little rainbow has now found a new home on one of the arm chairs. I really like how this has turned out, the bright colours are just so me and I love that it was made entirely from tiny scraps that I'd saved from other projects and scrap swaps that I've done over the last few years.One final picture before we leave this one. I just really liked how the pillow was half caught in the fading winter sunshine. It being half in shadow just made me think again of how quickly the beautiful rainbow disappeared from the sky after that rain shower we had the other day.

It feels good to be spending the end of the year finishing up something that had been neglected for a while. I wonder if I'll have time to finish another project or two before the year is done?

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