Thursday, December 16, 2010

Journey to work

The weathermen are promising us more snow, we'll see, they don't always get these things right. But if they are there may be a flurry of new snow pictures to share so before that happens I thought I'd share the last few from this winters first round of snow, so here is a tale of my journey to work.

I step outside and feel the crunch of the newly fallen flakes, which in the dark of night fell silently to cover the world in a beautiful white blanket. Oscar cat has beaten me out of the door. Oscar is as dark as night himself, he could almost disappear in the shadows except those bright shining sea green eyes always give him away!Nothing has escaped the snows cold covering, even the frog keeping watch over the garden has a mohican of snow, but he doesn't seem to mind.Jack Frost has been out this night dancing with the Snow Queen, he's left his frosty daggers all over the tree branches.even the lock on the car door has it's own icicles but I'll leave them to thaw away in their own time, I'm on foot today....... travelling down deserted roads........ and past frozen ponds....A day at work is not in my top ten list of fun ways to spend my time, but when the world is white and you can pretend you're taking a journey through Narnia it makes it a little easier to make the journey in :)

1 comment:

Patty said...

Ha, it looks the same here right now
but your camera takes better photos.
Lovely frost. Maybe this snow worldwide will cool some tempers and
make a small space for peace grow.