Monday, March 08, 2010

A Day out in Bath - Part Two

Time for the second installment of my trip to Bath....
After a couple of hours spent strolling round the Baths it was time to head out of the city centre and up one of the many hill roads leading out of town. Destination Bath Abbey Cemetery. When I got up the hill to the cemetery gate there was a nice sign informing me that there was a 'Tombstone Trail' leaflet available from the garden centre back at the bottom of the hill so down I trudged again, doh!

To be honest I need not have bothered with the leaflet as I just ended up wandering at will round the graves, but on my second trip up hill I spotted a glimpse of orange down a side street. You know me I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to shiney orange things so I had to take a quick detour.
Something else to add to the list of 'someday' dreams .. ' I dream of living in a house with an orange door'
After walking the hill twice and taking the orange door detour I finally made it to the cemetery. So many wonderful aged grave markers to see and I had the place to myself so was free to wander in peace and at will. Many of the grave markers are covered in ivy or tumbledown, but you can still make out many names and dates and there were lots of ornate carvings and statues to see.
This one made me smile, looks like the occupant might have got out. And with those ivy covered headstones in the back ground, looks very Gothic, a scene straight out of an old horror movie.
By far my favourite grave in the cemetery was marked by this beautiful weathered angel. The grave belonged to a lady called Alice Olive.
Not only did she have a pretty name but at the time she left this earth she was someone's sweet and cherished memory. That just struck me as something wonderful, I can only hope that when my time comes I am lucky enough to be someone's sweet and cherished memory.

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