Thursday, March 18, 2010

At the movies

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE going to to the movies? Always have done since I was kid. If you visit my blog (rather than read posts through a feed link) you might have noticed that I have a list of the movies I've been to see this year. That list will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. I do try and go at least once a week if I can.

At the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to spend an evening in the company of Mark Kermode. We went to The Playhouse in Oxford where he was doing a talk as part of a tour promoting his new book. Mark is a well known film critic, and while I don't always agree with his opinions, it was interesting to hear him speak about some of his experiences. He obviously loves film and although he does have a big personality he also encourages people to go to see films and make up their own minds about them. He said on the night his opinion is just that - an opinion, not everyone will see things in the same way.Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures in the venue, but I did get a signed copy of his autobiography so I can show you that :) Mark has a lot to say about the movie going experience, independent cinemas vs the multiplex experience etc. So I've been thinking about the different places that I've been to see movies over the years. From the two screen cinema of my childhood to the local multiplex that I go to now.

I like the look of this book, and this one. Maybe I'll add them to the book shelf one day when finances allow.


VP said...

I love going to the movies too :)

I have a soft spot for both Chippenham and Devizes cinemas!

dirty dave said...

You forgot to mention that Dr Kermode may say that we all have our opinions, but his is the right one lol ;)