Friday, March 12, 2010

Weekend snapshots

Last weekend I went back to my home town to help my sister and her family move house. Travelling around by road seems to be more and more of a chore these days, everywhere you go there are roadworks slowing things down.
Never mind the journey is always worth it when there is family waiting to say hello to you at the end.
The newest member of the family, Kai is 3 months old now, he's very cute. His personality is definitely starting to come through.
He's very wise, always looking around taking things in. Here he is in granddad's car. I figured at 3 months it was about time he had his first driving lesson :)
He's looking slightly perplexed here as we try out some hair on him for size!
Moving day was hard work but we got there. I like this shot just because .. well I'm not sure.. I like the light, I like the empty room with the orange radiator and I like that three generations of the family are here, my dad, sister and nephew Kai hidden in the buggy. This is my other nephew and Kai's older brother, Tyler. He's 9 and always on the go, in an effort to keep him amused and out of my hair for 5 minutes I gave him my camera and told him to go take pictures around the house.
So what was the first thing he thought of, well to take a picture of the inside of his mouth of course! I guess the weird gene runs in the family.


Miss 376 said...

lol, I've lost count of the number of pictures I have had like that. Boys seem to think that close up pictures of the face are just the thing.

Vi said...

That's something my son would do. He's 10 years old. Must be a boy thing for sure. lol
Kai is so cute, it's nice seeing photo's of your family. :-)