Friday, March 26, 2010

Playing in the Sun

Last week we had some really beautiful weather for the time of year and I couldn't resist an afternoon in the garden playing in the sun.
The Greenman has a new but ancient friend, a little Gorgon plaque that I couldn't resist bringing home with me from my visit to the Roman Baths a couple of weeks ago.
My garden isn't huge and I certainly don't have green fingers so we made it a low maintenance garden but there is one plantable border. Couldn't decide whether to try growing veg again this year as had some good success with that a couple of years ago but in the end decided to go with some flowers. Seeds were sown on this sunny afternoon, we'll now have to wait to see if they grow :) While I was digging over the border I found this collection of discarded snail houses.
After the digging and sowing was done there was still plenty of time for sitting and enjoying the sun, as looked up back toward the house I had an audience watching my gardening efforts.
There is nothing that says home to me more than the sight of a kitty or two sat at the window.
It wasn't long before all the whiskered ones joined me for some rolling around in the sunshine.
My cats spend most of the time inside, the two white brothers especially are very timid and get spooked easily, but I love seeing them outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
And on this perfect blue skies and sunshine day I spotted my first ladybird of the year. Not a great shot as he was scuttling along the top of the fence and wouldn't stay still enough for me to get him in focus but I had to include it none the less.


Miss 376 said...

I bought some veggie planters this week, DS2 was out yesterday afternoon planting flower seeds, lol.

coral-seas said...

Our cat is very contrary, she pretends not to like me but follows me around the house and garden and is nearly always sitting at the end of the path waiting for me when I come home for work.

I love the shot of your white cat looking back. I saw some some ladybirds last weekend and a bumble bee yesterday.

I find this time of year very exciting.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the ladybug picture....your cats look like they are enjoying the sun!