Friday, March 05, 2010

Thinking about sheep

Recently I've been thinking a lot about sheep.

Ok so that probably sounds a bit odd, and may be it is. I have been known to be odd every now and then, lol. I can't really say for sure what started me off. Maybe it's just that they are constant companions when I'm out walking the local countryside. (I wandered past these guys on a hillside in Bath a few days ago) Maybe it's thinking about my upcoming trip to the Lakes, where they are most definitely part of the lakeland scenery, or maybe it's just that I've spent so much time counting them during my recent bout of insomnia :)Whatever the reason, I've decided to put together a sheep sampler of sorts. I'm going to start by making use of this piece that I made a while back.
And have also been raiding some old magazines and my book collection for other sheep patterns. So if you know of any cute sheep patterns - any stitching technique will do - that you think I might be interested in please let me know. I'll be working on the blackwork sheep and/or it's variations that you can see in the right of the picture this month.


Miss 376 said...

This sounds like a fun project

Librarynan said...

When you go up to the Lakes, you might "wool gather" a bit (I got some lovely long-staple stuff off a rock near Keswick), rough spin it between hand and jeans, and stitch it into one of your sheep projects! After you've washed it, of course.
I used a bit of the resulting wool in a cap I was crocheting - keeping hands busy on the way back to Notts.