Monday, March 01, 2010

Listmania - March

March already, times flies as they say. As it's the first day it's time to catch up on my to do list.

First up how did I do in February?
  • Make Hearts and Flowers Postcards - done.
  • Work on blackbird piece - I have done a little on this but it hasn't progressed too much, I'll do an update post soon.
  • Make at least one crochet square - Oh dear total failure on this one, haven't so much as picked up a hook.
  • Siberian Gold - have been working steadily on this throughout Feb
  • Dyeing - Mission accomplished.

As well as the above I also managed to complete a couple of things that weren't even on the list to start with - a pincushion and the little cow stitchery. I've started a new knitting project and the hexagons cushion. So all in all a pretty good stitching month I think.

My goals for March are something like this.

  • Siberian Gold - keep up the steady progress.

  • Happy Postcards - need to be in the mail by 10th March

  • Faces Postcards - need to be in the mail by 21st March

  • Finish the knitting - this might be a stretch, depends on how my wrist holds up, but there is hope as it's coming together pretty quickly.

  • Make at least three crochet squares - I am determined to teach myself crochet this year!

  • Hexagons Pillow - There are about 15 rows of hexagons to join to complete the top it's pretty slow stitching but I hope to have at least 10 rows joined by the end of the month.

  • Blackbird - I want to have this one finished.

  • Blackwork sheep - This is a new project, I'll let you in on the details soon.

  • Secret Project - this one is a UFO and it's a present for a friend who reads this so I'm not going to give any details as I want it to be a surprise
  • Secret Project 2 - This should be a reasonably quick thing to make, but again can't say too much at this stage as it's part of a gift for someone who reads this.

Wow that's a pretty long list and I could add more, there are so many things I want to do at the moment. I think it's going to be a tough ask to get any where near finishing the list as I'll be back at work soon and also have a few trips and days out that I want to do too. Wish me luck.


Miss 376 said...

You should do well if you have a month like last month. Now the creative juices are flowing, there will be no stopping you. Looking forward to seeing what the next month brings

Doreen G said...

Yikes Angela and I thought that I had a lot to achieve this month.Have you allowed for time to sleep.

Fran├žoise said...

Yes, that's a long list! I wish you a nice busy and creative month.