Monday, March 29, 2010

Siberian Gold - March Progress

As the end of the month is fast approaching I figured it was just about time for a Siberian Gold update. Here's where I got to by the end of February
And this is now.
I'm pleased with the progress, the second tiger's head is really starting to take shape. I'm not sure exactly how much will get done next month as I have a whole stack of other things that I want to work on (and the list gets longer every day, lol) but the very next time I pick up the needle this second tiger is going to get an eye. It's starting to freak me out looking at that blank space every time I pick this up.


Ginnie said...

great progress, hope he gets his eye soon he looks more menacing without it!!!

Miss 376 said...

Faces are funny things to stitch. He is looking good though

karen said...

Hi and thanks so much for the comment! For some reason blogger won't show me images on anyones blog, even my own!! so I can't in all honesty leave a comment on what i am sure is your fantastic work! Karen


Wow! What a lot of work! I can certainly appreciate this labor of love! It's turning out beautiful!