Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Capital Day

Last week I was lucky enough to have another fabulous day out in London.
I was spoilt rotten and travelled First Class on the train no less. What a wonderful surprise and a fabulous treat! It was snowing when we left Chippenham but by the time we hit the capital the snow had turned to rain.
Most of the day was spent here at the National Gallery, wandering the many rooms, admiring fabulous masterpieces and counting naked bottoms (don't ask, lol).
There was also just time for a whistle stop tour of the British Museum, such a shame there is only so much time in the day.
There are so many wonderful things to see at the Museum, these are just a couple. Will definitely be returning soon for a proper visit.
After dark there was time for a wander round Chinatown, where there were lots of beautiful paper lanterns decorating the streets. And of course no trip to the big city is complete without checking out some bright lights. Picadilly Circus provided the illumination on this trip.

After such a busy day there was just time to kiss Paddington goodnight before making our way home.


Vi said...

oh wonderful. Really can't wait to visit London. Have you been on the London Eye at all?
Will have to go to the Gallery & see the naked bottoms for myself hey. lol And Museum sounds like it's worth a visit.

coral-seas said...

I went to see the Terracotta Warriers at the British Musuem 18 months ago (fabulous!). I just love that glass ceiling.

So pleased you are being given some nice treats.

Vicki W said...

Oh, it makes me miss London!