Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cat and Mouse

Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of the sort of things I have to put up with when I'm trying to blog.
As soon as I sit down at the computer I'm surrounded by cats. Pip is sat on my lap and Hector on the desk. If you look behind Pip's ear you might be able to just make out the keyboard that I'm trying to reach through the haze of whiskers, fur and purring.
Inevitably as soon as the camera comes out, someone has to try and get their nose in it. Hector was the culprit this time. This one cracks me up. There is a look of madness in that eye. Hector could you BE any closer?
Of course as soon as Hector tries to settle down it's my turn to disturb his peace and shove the camera in his face. At which point of course he tries the old 'if I hide behind my paw no-one will be able to see me' trick.


coral-seas said...

Tom, who is no longer with us, was very much a lap cat. No sooner would I sit down that he was curling into my lap. And he was no respector of embroidery, hoops or frames had to fit around him.

Tinkerbelle is not interested in my lap at all (she occasionally creeps into Jon's). Sometimes I would love a cuddle with her but on the other hand doing embroidery is much simpler these days.

Janet said...

Lovely to see the photos of the cats - what a handsome cat Hector is and Pip of course. Great to see you back to blogging again.